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Completed Events:
  • Kick-off Science Meeting was held in September 2015 with full participation from the ARCSTONE Mission Concept team. Mission objectives and requirements were discussed and drafted.
  • A Science and Engineering Kick-off meeting was held in November 2015. The purpose of the meeting was to plan the major tasks and goals for a year of proposal development, mission concept development, and instrument breadboard design & build. Attendees included the full NASA LaRC engineering team, and team members from Resonon, NIST, USGS, and NASA GSFC.
Upcoming Events:
  • In April, Resonon will complete the breadboard assembly and functional testing. The breadboard will be shipped to NIST for calibration testing. Rand Swanson and Mike Kehoe (Resonon) and John Woodward (NIST) will lead the testing efforts. Constantine Lukashin, Trevor Jackson, and Mike Cooney (NASA LaRC) will participate in the testing at NIST.
  • September 2016 Science Team Meeting and Mission Design Lab